Dispatch from New Orleans, by Zarouhie Abdalian


Zarouhie Abdalian, Joint (xv), 2019


Human beings are limbs of one body indeed;
For, they’re created of the same soul and seed.
When one limb is afflicted with pain,
Other limbs will feel the bane.
He who has no sympathy for human suffering,
Is not worthy of being called a human being.

–Saadi (13th century Persian poet)


We find ourselves at a historical juncture rife with promise and peril.


Pandemics like COVID-19 are a challenge posed to the whole of the human family. The same can be said for global climate change. We can no longer delay a response to these challenges. We must face them with courage.

It should be self-evident that our ability to contain the spread of this virus depends on the ability of each limb of the social body to withstand and protect itself against the ravaging effects of the disease. In other words, this pandemic demonstrates the urgent need for international cooperation and social solidarity.


We should guard against chauvinism.
We should shun all mercenaries among us.
We can rise to the challenge or else be led down the path of barbarism.

Demand that the U.S. observe the global ceasefire called for by the U.N. Secretary General.

Demand that the U.S. put an immediate end to the inhumane sanctions that inhibit more than one quarter of the world’s population from getting the food and medical care they need.

Demand the immediate release of all 52,000 migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers currently languishing in federal detention as well as the hundreds of thousands of non-violent prisoners currently caged in U.S. jails and prisons.

Protect our family.


Below is the text of a poem that comes from a piece I realized with my partner, Joseph Rosenzweig, last year. The piece was called Rhymes and Reckonings (for Sverdlovsk and Yekaterinburg).

We would add: make ventilators, not bombs.

– Zarouhie Abdalian


Zarouhie Abdalian, a coat is linen is corn is coal, 2020


We made Capital One.
We made penicillin.
We made disk-shaped teeth from a slug of synthetic diamond.
We made theodolites.
We made levels.
We made fighter jets.
We made neonatal incubators.

We made the Yakov Sverdlov.
We made the Novik.
We made with our own hands Trump Tower and internment camps.
We made with our own hands workers’ clubs and health clinics.
We made fruit that would cross the sea without incurring a bruise.
We made electric fences.

We made pipelines.
We made radio-tracers.
We made Lactogen for the Nestle corporation.
We made formula for our young.
We made creches.

We made coffins and we made cradles.
We made double-acting tankers.
We made EpiPens.
We made epinephrine autoinjectors.

We made ad screens, having mastered the synthesis of a liquid crystal polymer.
We made ink from the smoke of burning oil.
We made manifestos.
We made chandeliers.
We made beacons.

We made bot swarms to up or downvote feature requests.
We made bacteriophages.

We made machines that were trained to model the grain yield of a country.
We made a cable under the ocean floor to run trades in mortgage-backed securities.
We made harvests of Roundup Ready crops.
We made linear particle accelerators.

We made factories that made factories and we made factories that shut them down.
We made server farms.
We made automatic threshers.
We made the engines run.

We made tractors.
We made tanks.
We made the grain elevator.
We made medals.
We made time-capsules.

We made decisions or not.

We can decide.



Мы создали Capital One®.
Мы создали пенициллин.
Мы создали круглые зубы из синтетического алмаза.
Мы создали теодолиты.
Мы создали ватерпасы.
Мы создали истребители.
Мы создали неонатальные инкубаторы.

Мы создали «Яков Свердлов».
Мы создали «Новик».
Мы своими руками создали башню Трампа и лагеря для интернированных.
Мы своими руками создали рабочие клубы и клиники.
Мы создали фрукт, способный пересечь море без потерь.
Мы создали электрические заборы.

Мы создали трубопроводы.
Мы создали радиоактивный индикатор.
Мы создали NAN для корпорации «Нестле».
Мы создали детскую смесь.
Мы создали ясли.

Мы создали гробы и колыбели.
Мы создали танкеры двустороннего действия.
Мы создали ЭпиПен.
Мы создали автоинжекторы адреналина.

Мы создали рекламные экраны, синтезировав жидкокристаллический полимер.
Мы создали чернила из дыма горящего масла.
Мы создали манифесты.
Мы создали люстры.
Мы создали маяки.

Мы создали рой ботов, чтобы повысить или понизить количество запросов.
Мы создали бактериофаги.

Мы создали машины, обученные спрогнозировать количество зерна в этой стране.
Мы создали кабель под дном океана для проведения сделок с ипотечными ценными бумагами.
Мы создали вид трансгенной сои марки «Раундап Рэди».
Мы создали линейные ускорители частиц.

Мы создали фабрики, породившие фабрики, и фабрики, закрывшие и тех и других.
Мы создали процессорные фермы.
Мы создали автоматические молотилки.
Мы заставили двигатели работать.

Мы создали тракторы.
Мы создали танки.
Мы создали элеваторы.
Мы создали медали.
Мы создали капсулы времени.

Мы принимали решения или нет.

Мы можем решать.



Zarouhie Abdalian, Clutch (viii), 2018


Zarouhie Abdalian, from chalk mine hollow (ii), 2017


Zarouhie Abdalian, Hold, 2018