Liam Everett: Inutile
Published by RITE Editions, Altman Siegel, San Francisco and On Stellar Rays, New York, 2015.
Special edition artist’s book. Full color, clay pigment printed.  Edition of 45 + 5 APs.  11 x 9 inches
Hardcover, Signed, dated and numbered.  Texts by Bruno Tollon and Rabih Alameddine
Price: $850 + tax/shipping




Liam Everett: Without an Audience
Published by Altman Siegel, San Francisco and kamel mennour, Paris/London, 2018.
Designed by Colpa Press. Full color, 12 x 9 inches, Softcover, 156 pages. Texts by
Jenny Gheith, Jonathan Griffin, Hope Mohr and Liam Everett.
Price: $40 + tax/shipping