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Chris Johanson, Untitled (Man Watching TV), 1993


Hi all you people
This is my soundtrack that I dug out of my decades of curiosity
I decided to share songs that have importance to me and that are also thought of as introductions for you to investigate the artists because some of us have time to dig deep into new energy because this has freed up some time. You can listen to these tunes while u do yoga or the 7 minute workout or whatever

We are all rolling through this time with our unique circumstances
But hopefully we have time to cook meals
Below is a red pasta dish with canned fish that can be free-styled If you don’t have all the ingredients
Or you have only some

– Chris Johanson





Spotify Playlist

1. Foul Play soundtrack, Help
2. Earth Wind and Fire, Drum Song
3. Brick, Living From The Mind
4. Dynamic Superiors, I Can’t Afford To Be Poor
5. Pointer Sisters, Yes We Can Can
6. Moby Grape, Changes, Circles Spinning
7. Country Joe and The Fish, Sad and Lonely Times
8. Asleep At The Wheel, Jumpin At The Woodside
9. Aislers Set, Emotional Levy
10. Heaven 17, (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
11. X, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
12. Foul Play Soundtrack, House Boat (Love Song)
13. Thelonious Monk, Introspection
14. Alice Coletrane/Pharaoh Sanders, Shiva-Loca
15. MilfordGraves/David Murray, Under and Over
16. Yoko Ono, O’Wind (Body Is the Scar of Your Mind)
17. Soiled Mattress And the Springs, Caesar’s Palace
18. Arp, Ozu
19. Tuxedo Moon, Lowlands Tone Poem
20. The Minutemen, Cohesion
21. The Clash, Rebel Waltz
22. Jackie O Motherfucker, In The Willows
23. Tarnation, Do You Fancy Me
24. Michael Hurley, Open Up
25. Vetiver, Angels’ Share
26. Psychic TV, The Orchids
27. Ethiopians, Everything Crash
28. Shirley & Lee, Let The Good Times Roll
29. Camper Van Beethoven, Ambiguity Song
30. Foul Play Soundtrack, Love Theme (Ready To Take a Chance Again)



Chris Johanson, Untitled (Drummers), 1997



Chris’ red pasta dish with canned fish

What you need
-Tomato sauce or if you don’t have use tomatoes that you put in boiling water to get skins off and make sure to core
-olive oil
-anchovies 4
-pine nuts table spoon
-garlic 3 cloves chopped fine or pressed
-chili flake tea spoon if you like it with a kick, or less, but have some level in because spice adds to the wonderful complexity of the dish, if you don’t have substitute Tabasco or some hot sauce, or cayenne powder but only a bit
-blond raisins (any raisins will do) table spoon
-can of sardines (canned salmon would be good, never tried tuna)
-penne pasta (or whatever you have)
-salt and pepper
-Italian parsley or whatever fresh herbs

These ingredients are in my opinion proper ratios, personally I love a lot of garlic but in the case of the other ingredients too much of a good thing can be bad for the specialness of this spicy earthy oceany and sweet dish. Serves 2-3



Pottery by Johanna Jackson


Start out with a non iron pan (I think acid in tomatoes react to iron making an unpleasant taste) turned up over medium but not so hot u burn ingredients if you space out
Put in a table spoon olive oil
Let it heat up and then start out with anchovies breaking them apart and spreading it in the heating oil
Then add the garlic, capers, chili flake, and pine nuts
Stir as it heats up and gets aromatic while adding a pinch of salt (depending on your salt intake ☮️)
Alright let all those ingredients hang out a bit while being stirring and being mindful not to let anything burn It’s smelling real nice and filling the kitchen with your meditative thoughtful ritual of taking care of living an artful And interesting life
Time to add the tomato sauce, stirring so as to not splatter too much around as it melds into oil
Add the raisins and sardines
Stir it all around a bit then put on low heat and let do it’s thing for a bit (experiment, less time the tastes will be brighter And more separate, the longer they will gel into each other more)
Cook the pasta
To serve I like to pour sauce on individual bowls and let the recipient combine
Serve with fresh herbs on top (incredible micro nutrients)

Hope you enjoy



Chris Johanson, Keep on keeping on mother fuckers, 1999


Chris Johanson, Untitled, 2007


Chris Johanson, Untitled (Man Falling from Sky), 1994