SOIL EROSION: Curated by Shannon Ebner. Alexandra Bachzetsis & Julia Born, Carl Cheng, Leidy Churchman, Cameron Crone, Moyra Davey, Nicole Eisenman, Paul Elliman, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Samara Golden, Peter Holzhauer, Alex Klein, Zoe Leonard, Davida Nemeroff, A

Sep 7 - Oct 28, 2017
Altman Siegel is pleased to present SOIL EROSION, an exhibition curated by Shannon Ebner and featuring more than twenty artists. The original call for soil erosion sought to maneuver around its title. It spoke of states’ erosions, climate erosions, cultural erosions, and social erosions; soil as land, body, and soiling; erosion as eros, loss, and desire, and as potential for new clearings. Taken together, the works in SOIL EROSION are a collection of such starting points, placed in a larger narrative field where meaning and the cultural and political circumstances of our living conditions transmute each other to cast doubt and shore up new certainties.
Installation Views