Emily Wardill: Fulll Firearms

Mar 9 - Apr 14, 2012
Altman Siegel is pleased to announce the American premier of Emily Wardill’s second feature length film, Fulll Firearms, and a series of new related photographs. In Fulll Firearms, Wardill builds a melodramatic narrative that breaks up, shifts and ultimately confounds a linear reading. The film revolves around the relationships between the protagonists and their behavior in times of conflict. Wardill creates a tension between characters that exist at the borders of their physical and mental capacity and demonstrates that instability, paranoia and a loss of reality are not found on the edges of modern society, but at its center. They represent the drivers of a plot that questions the normalization and control of social behavior. It is the delusions of the protagonist, Imelda, which draws the story along and undermines the distinction between imagination and reality.
Installation Views